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Why Stoneridge Wealth Management?

<strong>Unlock The Gate</strong>

Unlock The Gate

Too often successful people become financially intimidated once they retire. The big incomes are gone, and you may feel out of control facing twenty-five or thirty years of retirement. How will your wealth be affected by uncertain market conditions, family members with health issues, changing tax codes, and IRS distribution rules? Careful, comprehensive planning, realistic expectations, and unbiased advice can help unlock the gate.

<strong>Financial Freedom</strong>

Financial Freedom

Financial freedom isn't about great wealth or unlimited resources. It's about knowing that your standard of living will not be jeopardized by hasty financial decisions or foolish investment choices. Whether your personal wealth allows for extended travel, or a peaceful life at home surrounded by family, our goal is to help our clients maintain a sense of financial stability and freedom.



Our experience includes so much more than just years in the industry. StoneRidge experience is the culmination of knowledge, expertise, and wisdom gained from our commitment and devotion to our clients. Retirement and estate planning, portfolio building, and tax strategies must be approached with the care and confidence that only experience can bring.

<strong>Trust &#38; Integrity</strong>

Trust & Integrity

Trust must be earned and integrity must be proven. At StoneRidge, we invite our clients to meet with us face-to-face, every quarter. We carefully review your financial issues and goals. Together, we build your portfolio and respond to ever-changing market conditions. No proprietary products and no fits-all programs. We take our fiduciary responsibilities very, very seriously.

<strong>Risk Tolerance</strong>

Risk Tolerance

Risk Tolerance is the anxiety and fear of losing money. While the industry applies such general terms as Aggressive, Moderate, or Conservative, we recognize that each client has unique and personal feelings of concern. What would be the actual impact on your family if a significant amount of money were lost? Would your standard of living be affected? How serious would the emotional impact be? At StoneRidge, our first goal is to help protect your wealth; then we try to grow it carefully.



Certainly, insurance plays a role. But what about protecting your loved ones from estate taxes? And how is an investment portfolio insulated from the chaos of the market? Is your family protected from the loss of outside income, and can your wealth be sheltered when life presents a serious challenge?

<strong>The Puzzle</strong>

The Puzzle

The retirement puzzle can be a little overwhelming. Too many financial statements, far too many talking heads, and not enough unbiased advice that can withstand the test of time. Our goals are to help our clients protect their wealth, enjoy their standard of living throughout retirement, maintain their dignity in old age, and pass their wealth to their loved ones rather than to the IRS.

<strong>Trust &#38; Integrity</strong>

Trust & Integrity

You want to leave a legacy of some kind. This testimony to your life endeavor may be relatively simple as being a loving family member. It may involve community service or dedication to your faith. Often, clients want to leave a financial legacy to their loved ones. Let us help guide you through this process.