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Our Commitment: Rock Solid Retirement Planning

Rock Solid Retirement Planning begins with our unyielding integrity; integrity in what we do, integrity in what we say, and integrity in our investment recommendations. Rock Solid means experienced, caring, and complete. By definition, there can be no short-cuts. Rock Solid describes our fiduciary responsibility to our clients; we always place our client’s best interests above our own.

We carefully review our client’s total financial situation. This includes a full analysis of existing investments, tax returns, estate planning, and insurance programs. Next, we explore our client’s goals, expectations and challenges. What are we trying to accomplish. What lifestyle has the client come to expect? Are the investments structured to provide the necessary income stream? Is there any chance of running out of money? Are there family members with special needs?

Does the client worry about the possible loss of money? What type of investments will be most appropriate based upon the client’s goals and feelings about investment risk? Many prospective clients tell us that they are fairly conservative by nature. Yet, when we review their investment statements, we often find exposure to considerable risk. Has the prospective client purchased an investment firm’s “proprietary products”, or other securities that are burdened with hidden expenses and surrender fees? At StoneRidge Wealth Management, we are completely independent in our selection of investments and have absolutely no ties or obligations to any financial product.

Our primary goal is to help our clients preserve their wealth, grow it carefully, and pass-on the remainder to their loved ones. Is there a properly drafted will or trust, and has it been reviewed within the past three to five years? Is the client’s net worth subject to estate taxes? If so, what strategies are best implemented to ensure the maximum transfer of wealth to family members and loved ones.

A careful review of our client’s tax returns is part of the planning process. Are we able to reduce our client’s tax obligation? Often, we will meet with our client’s CPA to identify legitimate strategies and to validate our own recommendations. By developing a team approach, we elevate the level of service that our clients have come to expect.